The Vision of NDSO.

NDSO aspires to be the Center of excellence in provision of Procurement, Storage and Distribution services of Health Sector Goods to all Health Facilities in Lesotho’’

Mission statement.

‘’NDSO promotes the health of the people of Lesotho by developing, implementing and maintaining reliable systems for procurement, storage and distribution of good quality health sector goods for all health facilities in Lesotho at the lowest possible cost.’’

Our Values.

Our Employees are inspired and guided by these values:

Customer Orientation:
We regard our Customers as the reason for our existence and meeting their demands is our priority.

Professional Human resources:

Our Human Resources are trained to provide quality services while maintaining high degree of professionalism.

Accredited Suppliers:

We source our products from the Suppliers with relevant GMP accreditation who are all availed equal trading opportunities and are further regarded as vital Resources to the Organization

Environmental Awareness:

We take cognisance of the environment in which we operate and strive to keep it clean and safe